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Transparent, natural and exciting - that's how music should sound! At the Rübezahl Studio we do everything to come as close as possible to this ideal. Our specialty is acoustic music. We are particularly at home in jazz, Latin music and chamber music. We will support your studio work with a lot of experience and the necessary sensitivity so that you achieve your best performance. Because our drive is to stage your ensemble the way it can sound on a really good day - and to help you to make recordings that you will be proud of for years to come!

"...because friend Rübezahl, you should know, is like a powerful genius, moody, impetuous, strange, rascally, crude, immodest; proud, vain, fickle; today the warmest friend, tomorrow strange and cold; at times good-natured, noble and sensitive; but in constant contradiction with himself; silly and wise, often soft and hard in two moments..." (Johann Karl August Musäus, 1783)



We mix your recordings with great attention to detail and the necessary sensitivity for the acoustic characteristics of your respective instruments in order to achieve a noble, open but also quite powerful sound experience. We do this in close cooperation with you in order to come as close as possible to your individual ideas.


We accompany your complete production - from the first note to the finished master. Actually before the first sound, because we attach great importance to carefully planning the recordings together with you. Because as important as a good-sounding room and excellent recording technology are: the decisive factor is your inspiration at the moment of the performance! Our aim is to capture this in the best possible way and make it tangible for your listeners.


Your music should be transmitted as best as possible on all listening devices and sound so transparent that it almost detaches itself from the speakers. We ensure this with all our experience. So you can rest assured that your "babies" are in good hands and nothing will go wrong in the last few meters. 

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studied jazz piano in Essen, is active in many different ensembles and has extensive experience both as an active musician and as a sound designer. You can learn more about Johannes  here .


studied jazz double bass, also in Essen. He got into audio engineering out of frustration: his early recordings just didn't want to sound like he knew it from his concerts! And that, although they were actually recorded in "good" recording studios. So he began to really dive into recording and mixing until he managed to get that sound he had in mind out of the speakers. A most exhilarating thing! Today he is happy to be able to help many other musicians to have such a positive experience.

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"For our first CD, guitar, vocals, tin whistle and accordion were to be recorded. We were looking for a studio with experience with acoustic instruments. Markus and Rübezahl Studio did a great job, the sessions were relaxed and humorous, the end result is exactly what we wanted. "

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Finnacht Ground

Stella Höyng

"My expectations have been far exceeded! The familiar living room atmosphere of the Rübezahlstudios, the 1-A equipment and the support and professionalism at all levels that are completely dedicated to the music and the musicians create fertile ground for the best possible recordings." 

Stella Höyng, singer

“Cozy atmosphere, good coffee and great musicians! The exchange on the mix/final product was also very pleasant. I felt in good hands with my music"

Miriam Schwan

Miriam Schwan, singer

Annika Ernst

"Markus' trained ear and his knowledge as a sound engineer have created a very good mixing and mastering result. I am very happy with the recordings, which have already resulted in a lot of positive things and engagements."

Annika Ernst, saxophonist

"He always listened to musicians' feedback and searched and tried stuff until he found the desired result. We are very happy that we were able to do this work with Markus and will certainly do it again."

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Kirsten and Alfredo Padilla

Dirk Leibenguth

"The creative and warm atmosphere in the Rübezahl studio appealed to me immediately. It starts with a warm welcome and the good feeling that you can work on your music project in this place. The technology is of the finest quality and delivers a great sound. All imaginable types of microphones and a lot of passion can be found in the Rübezahlstudio. In addition, Markus accompanies the recording session as an attentive listener and gives  very helpful musical tips. He is a full-blooded musician at the recording desk, who doesn't just use the technology. I am very happy with the results of the recordings for my solo CD. That's what I wanted. I'll definitely be back!"

Dirk Leibenguth, drummer

Susanne Zinsius

Susanne Zinsius, singer

" Dear Markus, based on the number of pieces that we produced in your Rübezahlstudio last year, namely 60 (in words: sixty), you can easily calculate how much time we spent together. And it was a great time Pleasant in personal dealings and always musically inspiring. You are like a rock in the surf, even under time pressure, but still open to other opinions - but above all fast and result-oriented - just bass player and musician. And the result counts ! I think our second CD turned out even better than the first. In any case, we are totally satisfied with our productions and can heartily recommend the Rübezahlstudio! "

Bernd Zinsius

Bernd Zinsius, double bass player

Georg Dybowski, Fritz Roppel

Georg Dybowski, guitarist
Fritz Roppel, double bass player

"We liked:
- The simple working. We were able to fully concentrate on our game.
- The good sound in the headphones and when listening to the monitor.
- All necessary corrections and cuts were done quickly and well.
- Your musical alertness as a further control instance, so that nothing got through to us and we still got suggestions.
- The drafting of the contract (flat rate up to the finished production without hour limit) made the whole recording very relaxed.
- Competent mixing and mastering, so that only a few correction requests remained.
- When mixing, tasteful use of effects (e.g. compressor, reverb) that were used almost imperceptibly."


IMG_8753 Tapete_edited.jpg
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Are you serious about your music and want to reach the next level? Then write to us what you are planning and we will see if and how we can help you. This can be done using this form or by email:

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

All photos on this page were taken by Ravi Sejk.

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